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Terms & Conditions / Refund Policy

After the invoice and menu is sent,  customer/client has 48 hrs. to review and return  WITH deposit . Deposit must be made to secure inquiring date. Chef charges a service fee plus food cost for ALL private events. All inquiries will be kept for ONLY 15 days. On the 16th day, inquiring fee will increase by $35. Deposit amount will be 50% of full amount and is non-refundable. Remainder of payment will be due no later than (7) days before scheduled date. If you are booking for personal chef or private dining experience note that venue/hotel should have a fully equipped kitchen. If kitchen is not accessible, Tasteful Kreationz catering is your go-to and can still be accommodated by pick up or delivery services.

All bookings and payments processed the week of your event will be subjected to a  convenience charge of $50.00.

Food and Beverage Costs/ Party Rental and Supply Costs
Food, beverage, party rental (Decorations) and supply costs are direct costs. We do your shopping and, if requested, reserve party supplies and equipment if we do not already own and rent. We do not mark up these costs or profit from them. We charge for the chef’s time (Chef’s/Service fee) no added cost.

In case of illness or emergency, client has approximately 24 hours to notify chef to reschedule without penalty. If a notification isn’t given within desire time frame or booking is canceled, there will NOT be a refund given. Chef reserves the right to reschedule due to illness, equipment malfunction, or any circumstances beyond her control.

If renting chaffers, burners, glassware, eatery, etc., return is to be arranged with Chef JayJ or sous chef before departure. If rentals are damaged at time of pick-up, there will be a replacement fee ranging from $25-$120, depending on damaged item. this fee will be due immediately before departure, NO EXCEPTIONS!!
*Grill Usage: If there are any accidents to the Grill or Gas Tanks made by guests, during Chef’s time on property, there will be a $60-$150 replacement fee. The replacement fee will be due immediately before departure, NO EXCEPTIONS!! 

Please note that Chef JayJ should be allowed up to 6 hours for shopping and prep time for week or day of orders.  CATERING DELIVERY– Chef reserves the right to at least 45 mins for delivery arrival time due to traffic, accidents in the kitchen, etc. If venue is set for specific time frame, it is clients responsibility to book/arrange delivery for time frame best to suit any unexpected situation.

    • Experience pick up starts at $275 with a $100 service fee. (Includes App, Entree, Dessert)
    • Catering pick up / Delivery service fee starts at $180

Late Guest 
Tasteful Kreationz reserves the right to make reasonable additional charges for events running 30 minutes after the start time ($50.00) or beyond the agreed time ($45.00 every hour)*
This fee is due before session is started/completed!!
Tasteful Kreationz charges for late/week of Booking request. The fee will be $50 additional to full balance. 

Method of Payment
We accept payment by website (Deposit Only), Zelle, Venmo, Cash App, and credit card only.
All credit or debit transactions will be charged an additional 3.5% transactional fee.

Chef’s/Service Fee
The chef’s/service fee is based upon the hourly rate(Private Chef/Dining experience) or number of individuals catered at your event. Chef JayJ along with Tasteful Kreationz, reserve’s the right to a maximum of 4 hours per event/experience. Chef’s/Service fee will be billed as apart of your deposit. Chef’s/ Service fee does not include the cost of food or extras taxes and/or fees. Chef JayJ uses her time to: take your calls, create your menu, visit your event site and kitchen (if necessary), provide you an estimate, travel to the event site, prep, present the meal and clean up.

Service Staff
Depending on the menu, service staff may be required for your event. The service staff is arranged by Chef JayJ and charged to you per person unless provided otherwise in the estimate provided.

If alcohol is to be served at a Client’s event, it is the Client’s obligation to procure all alcohol and the bar setup necessary (e.g., olives, napkins, mixer, etc.) for
the event. If alcohol is being served at a private experience Chef JayJ (or Assistant) may assist Client in determining the amount and variety of alcohol given the nature of the event, and food to be served. While Chef JayJ or service staff may assist a Client in the serving of alcohol, this is done under the strict direction and control of the Client. It is Client’s sole and absolute obligation to ensure those served are of legal age. Chef JayJ and/or staff will not have any obligations to underage drinking. It is also Client’s sole responsibility to ensure that those who are attending an event or private experience, who will be driving are not served alcohol after their blood alcohol content reaches or exceeds the legal limit for intoxication. Client understands that’s Chef JayJ and or staff reserve’s the right to deny anyone they may have reason to believe has reached their limit.

Holiday rates are calculated at one and a half (1.5) times the regular rate for chef and service staff charges. The following days or dates are considered holidays for this purpose:

New Year's EveDecember 31
New Year's DayJanuary 1
Martin Luther King Day3rd Monday in January
Valentine's DayFebruary 14
St. Patrick's DayMarch 17
Easter SundayClosed
Mother's Day2nd Sunday in May
Memorial DayLast Monday in May
Father's Day3rd Sunday in June
Independence DayJuly 4
Labor Day1st Monday in September
Thanksgiving Day4th Thursday in November
Christmas EveDecember 24
Christmas DayDecember 25

Please note, Chef owns the right to Refuse customers for the safety of herself and of others.